Tips To Find Great Barber Shops In NYC

There are lots of barbers in every neighborhood with different skills. In fact, most neighborhoods in NYC have barbershops in every corner. Since you have lots of options to choose from, how will be able to tell if the barber at the shop can give you the perfect haircut that you desire? Barber shops in NYC that have been in the barbing business for a very long time can as well be hit or miss when it comes to providing the desired haircuts for customers.

A better way of testing to know if you have gotten a nice haircut is how easily you can style the hair the day after you got the haircut. The hair should easily fall into place, it should not be difficult to style, and it should look great with little or no effort. Finding barber shops in NYC where you can get head-turning haircuts requires a bit more effort.

Below are a few tips that can you can use to find a great barber shop in NYC.

Is the Barber Clean?

Barber shops in NYC should always be kept clean, and the floor should be swept between haircuts. Stations should be organized and tidy at all time. If the environment is very clean and nice, you will be comfortable and free to have your haircut there.

Does the Barber Ask the Right Questions?

A very good barber is more interested in the outcome of the haircut you want before he even carries the clipper or scissors to start cutting your hair. He should ask about the things you dislike and like about your present hairstyle or your hair. He should as well ask you about the products you are currently using on your hair and how you style your hair. Professional barbers often ask if you have a problem in any area of your head such as cowlicks or balding.

Good Barbers Get to Know Your Hair

A good barber takes into consideration the texture and thickness of your hair. Getting to know this, the barber considers the size and shape of your face and head, to give you an individualized and attractive style.

A Great Barber Does Not Depend Fully on the Guide Sizes of a Clipper

It is better if the barber can remember your clipper sizes, but this information is not always useful when you want to get a new haircut. Professional barbers usually ask questions that concern how happy you are with the current length and style of your hair. With information like that, they will be able to determine the clipper size need for your haircut.

Consider Newbies

Experience matters a lot when it comes to having a haircut in barber shops in NYC, but do not discount barbers that are just coming out of barber school. Ask the barber if he is specialized in any area, or if he participates in barber contests or shows. Sometimes newbies have a better idea on the latest and trending styles and techniques than some old barbers


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