Factors To Consider When Choosing An NYC Barber Shop

When it comes to choosing the best barber shop in NYC, there are several factors to consider. There are so many barbers in NYC and more are still springing up because men pay more attention to their hair now. However, there is some kind of uniqueness in the services you get in each NYC barber shop. Here are the important factors to consider.

You need to consider convenience

Convenience in this context is in two parts. You need to consider convenience in terms of proximity. It is better to select an NYC barber shop that is probably within walking distance to either your house or your office.

Gone are the days when Afro hairstyle was in vogue. Low haircuts cut it more now. So, you will definitely visit your barber more often. It is not cost effective to either part with some transport fare or burn some gas to have a haircut. Choose a shop that is within a walking distance.

On the other part, convenience also means choosing a shop where you can just visit anytime you like and have a haircut within, at most, 30 minutes after your arrival. This should be better than some places where you need to book an appointment before coming over.

Consider a competitive cost

In this kind of service, higher charges do not always lead to better services. So, it is better you consider the cost. You might want to select the shop with the least charges. This is why you should check out at least three shops before selecting one for long term relationship. You can’t get the best deal without comparisons. So, before you settle for a barber, compare charges and terms of service.


One of the best ways to get a good barber shop is through reference from either a friend or a colleague. If your friend gives a positive recommendation about a barber, the recommendation should be reliable since it is most definitely unbiased.

Assess their set of equipment

No matter how skillful and experienced your prospective barber is, he can’t possibly deliver great services with obsolete equipment. So, it is important you assess the equipment. Does he make use of quality products or he uses cheap products? You need to find out about this.

You also need to assess the shop as a whole. It is not likely that you will receive immediate attention each time you get there. You will definitely have to wait for a while before it gets to your turn. So, do you think the environment is where you can hang on for a while?

Consider experience

It is very important to consider experience. The most experienced barber is likely to give you the best services. So, you might want to know how long he has been in the business. One thing is clear. Any barber that has been in business for years must be giving great haircuts. You can’t possibly remain in business for years with poor services.

You might also want to check out his creativity by carefully observing the haircut he gives to the people that got to the shop before you.

In conclusion, it is almost unrealistic to find the best barber in NYC that meets all your requirements. For instance, the nearest barber shop to you may be the one with the highest charges. So, you need to prioritize your requirements.


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