Common Qualities Among The Best Barbers In NYC

Are you planning to become a barber? Well, you need to understand that you need to meet certain requirements to become one of the best barbers in NYC. If not, getting clients may be difficult. Virtually all the best barbers in NYC have certain qualities and you may need to work towards having some of the qualities.

Some of the common qualities among the best barbers in NYC have been outlined here.


These days, succeeding as a barber has gone beyond being able to give a haircut. The most important tool for barbers is a high level of creativity. A good barber should be able to come up with new hair styles.

Creativity means two things. You should be able to look at a haircut and replicate it and you should also be able to create new haircuts that others will copy. In fact, the importance of creativity cannot be over-emphasized.

Availability of sophisticated equipment

New barbing tools come out every time with subsequent ones being an improvement on existing or previous ones. So, if you really want to attract customers, you must always be among the first barbers to make use of the newest technology-driven tools.

Some prospective customers usually assess the kind of tools at your disposal before they decide to stay and have a haircut or go elsewhere. And when they decide to do the latter, they won’t tell you why.

Right pricing

Price is a very important factor when people are choosing their barber. So, you may need to be aware of the prices your competitors offer. You can either charge a price that is a little lower than the average charges or maintain it.

Continuous learning

No matter how good you are, there is always room for improvement. So, you should always look for opportunities to learn more. The best barbers join communities and they never joke with workshops, symposiums, and other informative gathering.

You should open 7 days a week

While some people can come around for haircut during the week, most people prefer to come at weekends when they won’t go to work. So, it is very important to open every day of the week. You may need to form a partnership with another barber so that each of you can go off-duty on different days of the week.

Work on your speed

Your customers’ time is very important so you should treat it as such. Speed is very important. Why should it take you about 20 minutes to give the same haircut that takes another barber 15 minutes or less?

So you need to keep working on your speed. This is very important for you to attract more customers. Speed is one of the factors customers consider when choosing their barber.

Pay attention to your shop

While your skill is important, the condition of your shop is also very important. People prefer a barber’s shop that is comfortable and inviting. They may have to sit down for a while before it gets to their turn. So, you may need to install cable TV to keep them entertained.

Your shop and its surrounding should also be very neat. Some people are just fastidious in terms of cleanliness.

In conclusion, to recap the requirements necessary to be successful as a barber, you need the following:

    Clean shop and attractive environment Speed 7-day availability Creativity Continuous learning Availability of state-of-the-art equipment Right pricing


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