Five Hair Coloring Tips for Men – How to Do It Right

Five Hair Coloring Tips for Men - How to Do It Right
August 17, 2015

Women aren’t the only ones who embrace the brush when it comes to tinting their hair. Men can be easily convinced to cover up those grays and even take on the season’s hottest men hair color trends too. If you’ve never colored your hair or are up for something new; read on to learn about five hair coloring tips before you color your hair or continue tinting it!

1. Get a Consult

Full coverage can be intimidating to a man. Many men think only women go all in and get their whole head covered. Quite the contrary. But, if it’s your first experience with hair coloring, consider asking your stylist at your consult about grey blending. The process is very natural looking and grows out without showing roots (a common concern of many men). If they suggest getting your whole head colored, go for it! Just be aware of the upkeep and differences between the two. Be sure to ask lots of questions about hair coloring and trust your hair stylist– they are a pro after all!

2. Choose the Right Level of Hair Coloring

Your stylist should explain to you that the level of color that you choose can produce a certain look. If this is the first time you are going to blend your grays or dye your hair, go on the lighter side. Then in the future, if you want more coverage, tell your stylist and they will reapply the product. It’s always easier to start light and go darker as you need or like (rather than the other way around).

3. Ask for Cool Tones

Did you know that the most natural hair color is ash based? Your stylist should use blue, green, and violet tones when tinting your hair. If you get an unnaturally warm look, it may be because your stylist is using warmer tones (which tend to fade faster). Warmer tones expose your color or tint job quicker, and this can be embarrassing to some men. So, before getting in the chair and start the process of hair coloring, ask your stylist or colorist which tones they plan to tint with.

4. Choose the Right Method

Once you decide on grey blending or full color coverage, it’s all about how the color gets applied. If you want an even tone, your stylist should be using a color brush. If you want a more subtle change, an all-purpose comb should do the trick. You get the best blend when your stylist goes in a diagonal angle. So, pay attention while you are in their chair to their application and technique (plus, they’ll be so impressed that you know all this!).

5. Cover Your Roots

Before leaving your appointment, be sure that your root area is consistently covered. If not, you’ll get a patchy, noticeable result. It’s easy for a stylist to fix if this happens and it’s always wise to speak up if you notice your roots are still exposed.

You probably weren’t aware that all of this goes into men hair coloring! Consider these tips the next time you make an appointment with your hair stylist at Prestige Barbers NYC to make a change to your look.


Written by Prestige Barbershop