Men Hair Tips for Dads: Like Father, Like Son

Men Hair Tips for Dads: Like Father, Like Son
July 31, 2015

If you have a little one, they are most likely your “mini me.” One thing you may have noticed about your son’s hair is that it is always so soft and shiny. You too, can get soft and shiny hair. Read on to learn how all you fathers out there can get noticed for your great men hair, just like your little one!

Men Hair and Reverse Wash

Not just for the ladies; reverse washing can make a huge impact on men hair! When you are in the shower, grab the conditioner first. Using only a dime sized amount or less, condition your hair as you normally would. Then, allow it to sit for a few minutes while you continue your shower. Before rinsing it out, lather up with your favorite shampoo (no more than a quarter sized amount). Not only will your hair look clean, it will feel the cleanest it’s ever felt because all of the conditioner will be fully removed. It did its job for the day, and you certainly don’t need any kind of residue hanging around. This residue will weigh your hair down (which is a big no-no if your hair is thinning). It will also clog pores and not allow your hair to shine and become super soft!

Go High Quality

The next time you have an appointment with your hair stylist, strike up a conversation not only about men’s hairstyles but also about some high quality men hair products they recommend, specifically; conditioner. Most men don’t put a lot of thought into what kind of men hair products they are using. This is one of the biggest mistakes made. Contrary to popular belief, you really do need to pay attention to your product labels. Make sure you are using a men hair conditioning product that contains small compounds like cetrimonium bromide and panthothenic acid. These compounds easily make their way into the hair shaft and leave you with the softness you need.

Wash Off Before Bed

One of the biggest mistakes men make is going to bed without washing their hair off! Think about it-your hair product has been on your hair since the early morning hours. You have endured environmental elements and moisture if you hit the gym after work or did yard work around your house. All of that has collected around your scalp and sat on top of your product, which needs to come off! By establishing an evening routine that allows you to rinse the day off of your hair, you will promote a happy scalp, which will lead to a healthy scalp.

Ditch the Cap

Yes, hats are needed throughout the day for various reasons. But, if you are that guy who constantly has a cap on (you’ve even been known to fall asleep wearing it), you are doing more harm to your hair than good. Limit your hat wearing to a few hours a day and you are sure to see your hair’s texture improve after a few days!

Set a good example for your son and be a great hair role model! You’ll love how your hair looks soft and shiny by following these simple suggestions above. For more information please visit:

Written by Prestige Barbershop